Collection: Team Project 2 | Individual-CA

Conclusion / Evaluation

Product Evaluation

Upon setting out on the journey from the Proof of Concept to Alpha and onward to Beta the scale of our game was a worry for me personally. When we initially came up with the design of the game we were all fairly confident in our own abilities and personally I felt that after the experience of last year there was very little that couldn't be achieved by our team considering the personnel that we had and the projects we had worked on in the past. We felt like we were in with a good shout of fulfilling most of our ideas. However, as time past in the first few weeks and road-bumps were encountered along the way we were fairly efficient at deciding what was important to deliver and what wasn't. We also worked well together in helping each other to fix problems that we came across and ensuring that as many of the features we wanted in the game got finished to a high standard.

Process Evaluation

Over the course of the semester we have been using agile development, with scrumwise as our tool for keeping track of work done, in progress and work to do. While using this we have encountered much criticism for our use of the software however, this was more due to a lack of understanding of the tool than the process. Initially we were using points to estimate tasks which we have never liked as the Fibonacci sequence seemed more arbitrary than anything as it was very difficult for us to accurately estimate. However, when we changed over to estimating sprints in hours then it was much easier to project how much time we could assign to working on the project based on the other work we had. This also lead to much more accurate estimations of tasks


Issue Evaluation

Over the course of the development process there have been a few technical issues that have presented themselves which I have detailed in my Technical Journal when they came up. The most of these were to do with asset management and source control. These were each dealt with by the team through effective communication and teamwork.


A normal person could look at the work done by me and my team from the outside and think that we overworked ourselves to try and achieve perfection. Looking back on it that could be a fair assessment. Long hours spent searching for errors and bug fixes, enjoyable hours spent tweaking something that already works fairly well, just to make it that little bit better. Both of these situations were encountered on many occasions over the course of the development. However, for us and me especially this year has represented a marked improvement over previous years in terms of work done to satisfaction with the end product. In this way you could say we are not normal. We share a willingness to to whatever it takes to succeed. Be it sleepless nights or shutting out all distractions like hobbies. It could be said that this isn't the right approach to take however, we all did so with nary a complaint. This is due largely to the amazing group of people I have had the immense pleasure of working with. Not to say we didn't ever disagree on stuff. Quite the contrary in fact, however it was this willingness to challenge each others ideas and decisions that has made us the team that we are. I am very grateful for the opportunity I was presented with to work with these colleagues. I wouldn't replace any of them for  a kings ransom.