Collection: Team Project 2 | Individual-CA


This is an overview of My portfolio for Team Project 2


Name: Kevin Duffy

Student Number: D00144777

Team: Margin of Error

Game: All The Way Down

Role: Sound Designer, Implementer.


Shane Gavin - Programming and Graphic Design

Mark Barry - 3D Modelling 

Ronan Murphy - Game Mechanics and Physics

Michael Campbell - Full Stack Programmer and Physics

Brian Smullen - Level Designer



For our final year game we are making All The Way Down a fast paced downhill mountain biking game in which a player embarks on a world tour from Europe through Africa, Asia and finishing in Australia. For our project we are focusing on the development of the Ireland Stage level.

Page Overviews

Development Progression:

In this section of my portfolio you will find video samples of the work that has been going on on my part during the year from the first week through Proof of Concept and Alpha presentation and beyond. Each video is accompanied with a feature list and also a list of any bugs that were found or developed as a result of the ongoing work.

Sound Implementation:

In the sound implementation section of my portfolio you will find an in depth analysis of the features displayed in the Development Progression section. This include screenshots of code blueprints, sound cues combined with written explanations stepping through the processes, and the thinking behind them.

Sound Acquisition:

In the sound acquisition section of my portfolio you will find an in depth analysis of the processes involved in locating, recording and processing the sound assets for the game, both first party. This include screenshots of audio production studio's such as reaper and audacity, as well as setup videos for recording.

I-CA Journal:

In the I-CA Journal section of my portfolio you will find my weekly technical journal which details what tasks I do from week to week with brief outlines on how I did them. They also detail any technical issues that I incurred during the semester such as hardware and software issues.


The Mentoring section of my portfolio details my interactions as a Mentor to the third year games group, most specifically my designated team Pioneer Games.

Conclusion / Evaluation: 

The Conclusion / Evaluation section of my portfolio you will find my thoughts on the development process that we have undertaken in making our game and the product we have come up with.