Collection: Shane Gavin - ICA Portfolio Semester 2

Shane Gavin: 4th Year Portfolio

Shane Gavin

Shane's specializations are programming and graphic design. For All the Way Down, Shane has worked on menu design and implementation, and on development of the game spectators--inclusive of mechanics and model development. Shane is also responsible for extra-game graphics (presentations, etc.)

On this page you will find links to detailed portfolio pages for each of the major components Shane has worked on for the game, and a link to his technical journal for the project.

All the Way Down

All the Way Down is a fast-paced downhill mountain-biking experience on a world stage. With unique and challenging tracks to experience in over 50 countries across Europe, Africa, the middle East and Asia, players will embark on a competitive world tour from the forests of Ireland to the Australian outback, all the way down. For their 4th year project, the members of Margin of Error are developing the first track for this game: Stage Ireland.

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Menus and UI

For All the Way Down, Shane worked on implementation of the menu system and in-game UI / HUD elements. The final menu system includes a main menu which is shown on game start-up, a stage selection menu, a game options menu, an in-game menu for pause and resume functionality, and more. HUD elements include feedback elements for player split times, and a message which is displayed to the user  at the end of each run. 

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Spectator Implementation

For All the Way Down, Shane worked on implementation of a spectator system. The developed system is based around a single spectator who can be configured in a variety of ways. Spectators can be customised from a pool of 6 character meshes, and over a dozen idle and reaction animations. 

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Misc. Tasks

Shane has also worked on a variety of smaller tasks during the game's development. These include implementation of game save functionality, co-management of source control for the project, team member training, creation of presentation slides and formats, creation of Mahara pages, and more.

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Technical Journal & Reflection

Throughout the development of All the Way Down, Shane has maintained a weekly technical journal of work undertaken. This journal contains a detailed break-down of all tasks, an explanation of the process followed, observations on various implementation details, and other relevant information. 

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