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Michael Campbell

My specializations are process management and physics. For All the Way Down, I worked on the development of bike mechanics, the timer system, the customization system, the camera mechanics, and more. I also serve as Margin of Error's Scrum Master. For my 3rd year project I served as Scrum Master and Sound Designer for Bushwhack's Twisted.



As scrum master for our games' development, I am responsible for organising the work for our team on a sprint by sprint basis, as well as for each release. I ensure work is being done on schedule and that everything is accounted for and running smoothly. Read more about how this all worked here...

All The Way Down

All the Way Down is a fast-paced downhill mountain-biking experience on a world stage. With unique and challenging tracks to experience in over 50 countries across Europe, Africa, the middle East and Asia, players will embark on a competitive world tour from the forests of Ireland to the Australian outback, all the way down. 

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The timer system in our game is key to the competitive nature of the sport of downhill mountain biking. Your time down a track is what makes you. It tells you whether you just shredded a mountain or let it break you. Your time is all you have after the run is finished. It's what separates the winners from the losers. 

In our game, the timer system gives feedback to the player in two ways; section per section split times given to the player as they race to let them know how they're doing as the go down the track, and a final time at the finish line to tell them whether you just broke your personal best. Who better to compete with than yourself? Read more about the timer details and development here...

Gameplay Video


Downhill mountain biking is all about the rush of the experience. There is no better way to emulate that than with a realistic head-like point of view for the player to get a sense of the speed and intensity of the sport. This is what I have done for our game. Read more about the details and development of the camera here...


Ask any downhill mountain biker and they will tell you the same: their bike is everything. The bond they have with their bike is special. We wanted to try and give a sense of this by provided the player with the ability to change how the bike behaves. Read more about the details and development of the customization here...