Collection: Brian Smullen 4th Year Portfolio

Development Videos



This page shows all of the development videos I have recorded during the semester. These videos were used to communicate ideas to my team mates and to show off completed sections. The rest of the team could then give me feed back and improvements and changes could be made from that.

All The Way Down - Beta Submission

All The Way Down Alpha

Features & Tools Demos

These videos show how I demoed certain features to show to the team how a feature works and what it looks like after we decided if it should be implemented.

New Trees Demo

Big Jump Demo

Berms Demo

Rock Garden Demo

Rock Drop Demo

Rock Garden Demo

Older Demos

All The Way Down POC

Full Track Demos

These videos (below) show the different stages of the track throughout the year, be it after various sprints or even releases.

Week 9 Track Demo

Week 8 - Track Demo

Week 7 - Track Demo

Week 6 - Track Demo

Week 5 - Track Demo

Destructible Mesh

Track Demo 23/2

Tape Test

Track Demo

Track Demo

Rock Garden and Jump

Rock Garden

Irish Track

Track Demo

Width Demo

External media

Cable Tool

Berm Demo

Hill Demo

Track Width