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All The Way Down

All the Way Down is a fast-paced downhill mountain-biking experience on a world stage. With unique and challenging tracks to experience in over 50 countries across Europe, Africa, the middle East and Asia, players will embark on a competitive world tour from the forests of Ireland to the Australian outback, all the way down.

Level Design

This semester my main specialization has been: Level Design. I have used a huge number of tools and assets to build the lighting and environment in our level for "All The Way Down".

Brian Smullen

My role in Margin of Error is both Project Manager and Level Designer.

As Project Manager, it is important that I make sure everyone is happy and well to work on their assigned tasks each week, I organise our group meetings and try to resolve any issues that arise in the team.

As Level Designer my main main obligation is to build up a believable level that suits our game and gives off the feeling of an irish mountain biking track that we want to achieve. The Level Design page, Development Videos page and Tools page show in detail what I have achieved and how it has been achieved.

Margin Of Error

Margin of Error is a young and talented game development team, working out of Dundalk Institute of Technology.

The team consists of Shane Gavin, Ronan Murphy, Mark Barry, Kevin Duffy, Michael Campbell and Myself. Between us we have a very wide range of skills that apply to all areas of game development. 

I think we have a very strong team and should be able to overcome any obstacle throughout the project.


My research area from first semester has given me a good bit of experience in building tracks and worlds in Unreal Engine. I looked at areas like flow, jumps and speed and now these directly translate into the development. From my research I can judge how much speed and flow we need in a "flowy" section of the track, and how much rise and fall we need on each jump based on the speeds that players could hit them at.

My individual research for semester 1 can be found here: