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In this page I'll be demonstrating the research, models, textures and animations for the main character model, this character is not the standard character as it primarily consists of a bike rather then a human or humanoid shaped character.


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Initial Research

To determine the bike to use as our main model I talked to our expert, Dr. John Loane, he pointed me in the direction of several bikes, the specialized demo 8, the nukeproof pulse 2016, the santa cruz v10 and the YT TUES CF Pro 2016. After careful consideration the main bike would be a specialised demo 8 i carbon. It's one of the top downhill mountain bikes in the world right now. It can be found at this link, along with the dimensions for all the components.


Specialized Demo 8

Specialised Demo 8 I Carbon


Render of completed model


Render of completed model


Research on Body Armour

The main research into the protective gear was done on which is a website for mountain biking equipment and gives a "vital" rating based on users opinions of which gear was the most important for a rider to have.

I also used the site for the brand 7, which specializes in protective clothing.


7 Protection

Body Armour Front


Body Armour Back