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Welcome, in this part of my portfolio I will show you the work preformed by myself in regards to environmental models, this includes hero objects which distract the player from the monotonous aspects of the forest and the start and finish gates.


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Initial Research for gates

Research for the start and finish gates were simply google searches for images of downhill mountain biking start gate and downhill mountain biking finish line. From the images found here I ran some of them by the team to see which ones we would like to see in the game.

Start Gate Render


Finish Gate Render


Initial Research for 'Hero' Objects

To research hero objects I first researched into structures found in Irish forests, I soon found that many forests in Ireland contain ruined cottages and stone structures ranging from old castles to ogham stones to portal dolmens. After running options past the rest of the team it was soon decided to use a cottage and a portal dolmen.

Portal Dolmen Render


Ruined Cottage