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Ronan Murphy

download.php?file=171626&view=33787&embeMy primary role as a part of the team Margin of Error while working on the project All the Way Down has been as a programmer. This work has mostly been in the area of bike mechanics although I have tried to involve myself with a diverse set of features. These include the bike customization system, biometric monitoring in the game, and back end leaderboard integration. I have been working closely with Michael Campbell during the project so a couple of these features have been a collaborative effort.

I have previously worked on game mechanics with Team BRAG as a part of our 3rd year project and was delighted to contribute in a similar capacity for this project. I enjoy the process of developing gameplay behaviors from a requirements stage to and end product in the best way possible which hopefully should be demonstrated throughout this portfolio.

Bike Mechanics

Bike Mechanics involved developing a bike and all of it's behaviors from scratch that they player would be able to use to conquer different tracks in the game. The base of this implementation focused on the general cases of things like movement and jumping on the bike, and then moved towards how it would interact with specific track features that have been developed. 

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All the Way Down - Margin of Error

All the Way Down is a fast-paced downhill mountain-biking experience on a world stage. It involves the player tackling challenging tracks with their own customized bike to suit their own preferences. Each track has it's own style both visually and in how the player much approach it. With unique and challenging tracks to experience in over 50 countries across Europe, Africa, the middle East and Asia, players will embark on a competitive world tour from the forests of Ireland to the Australian outback, all the way down.

As a part of our 4th year project, the six members of Margin of Error have developed the first track for this game: Stage Ireland. This is being developed in 3 iterated releases: POC, Alpha, and Beta. 

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As a part of my research project I worked on solutions for integrating biometrics into games. This work payed off and resulted in a straightforward effort for including this in the game. This allows for the player to display their live heart rate while riding through a track.

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Customization & Leaderboards

The customization system implemented in the game allows the player to fine tune their bike to suit their play style as well as the needs of the track in order to score the best time possible.

The Leaderboard added to the game gives a sense of community to players in that they not only are competing with their own best times, but with the times of the best players all over the world.

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