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Margin Of Error - Individual Portfolio

Individual Portfolio for my work through out the second semester of fourth year. 



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Student studying Computing in Games Development at Dundalk Institute of Technology.

All the Way Down

All the Way Down is a fast-paced downhill mountain-biking experience on a world stage. With unique and challenging tracks to experience in over 50 countries across Europe, Africa, the middle East and Asia, players will embark on a competitive world tour from the forests of Ireland to the Australian outback, all the way down.


My main specialisation for the current semester has been that of a modeller, I have spent a large amount of time refining the skills and techniques required to create accurate, realistic models which were of a high enough standard for our game "All the Way Down".

Lead Designer

My role within Margin of Error is that of the lead designer, it falls to me to create, texture and animate the environmental props and character which will be found within the game, and to ensure that models within the game are of a the highest standard for our abilities.

Margin of Error

We are a team of six students highly dedicated to our work and to ensuring only the highest quality of our work makes it into our game, "All the Way Down".

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A technical journal explaining the work I have done so far in my group project

Week 10

Goals, send presentation material to Shane.


Only requirements this week are to send a list of the work done and what’s to be done to Shane so that he can finish the presentation. I don’t need to send on any renders as we’ll be using screenshots from the game.




No problems encountered this week.