Collection: Team Project 2 | Individual-CA

Development Progression

Initial Bike Sounds Features


  • Starter Beep sounds
  • 1st Iteration Pedaling
  • Skidding on gravel sound


  • Gaps between sounds playing
  • Pedaling/ Skidding still plays while in the air
  • Constant pedaling sounds like starting pedaling over and over.







Environmental Ambience Features


  • Added Forest Ambience Sounds - Wind, Birds.
  • Terrain Sounds - Gravel
  • Appropriate sounds stopping when bike is off the ground


  • Ambience constant volume across all map
  • Ambient sounds, 1 large file. No randomness.
  • Pedaling and terrain sounds are a constant tempo so bike sounds as if it is going a constant speed always
  • Pedaling cue fixed so doesn't sound like player is constantly starting to pedal.
  • Volume Balancing issues  




Sounds Added to Bike Implementation Features


  • Sounds transferred to actual Bike Implementation.
  • Sound Class hierarchy used to start combat balancing issue


  • Sounds/Bike starting before the starters beeps finish.
  • Some lingering balancing issues.








New Track Implementation w/ Winning Crowd Features


  • Re-implemented sounds into new game level.
  • Introductory crowd sounds (Finish Line).
  • Variation in sounds based on finish time.
  • Volume Balancing. 
  • Attenuation Adjustments


  •  Trackside Sounds Missing






Losing Sounds Features


  • Losing Crowd noises based on time


  • Time check only based on a set time as opposed to being based on leaderboard time.









Crash Sound Features


  • Crash sound playing in the event of a fall
  • All other currently playing bike sounds stopped immediately.
  • Sound of bike wheel spinning freely slowly fading out.
  • Bike controls/sounds disabled until respawn.


  • No character noises on crash 
  • No crowd reactions to falls yet.

Initial Bike Sounds

Environmental Ambience

Sounds Added to Bike Implementation

New Track Implementation w/ Winning Crowd

Losing Crowd

Crash Sound

Alpha Features


  • Efficient Ambience
  • Randomised Ambience
  • Bike Pedaling changing based on speed
  • Terrain sounds added (Grass, Gravel, Stone, Platform)
  • Trackside crowds
  • Crowd Attenuation 
  • Inter-blueprint event triggers.


  • Volume Options not saving between levels

Alpha Progression