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Final Journal Entry

This is just a quick update to inform what tasks I have completed in the sprints since my last individual ca submission.

Sprint 10

  • Add shrubs
  • Add tree roots and branches
  • Add leaves and rubble 
  • Add tree stumps and large branches
  • Fixed tree LOD bug
  • Added decals for moss on stones

John wasn't very happy with the tree roots and leaves so that was changed for the next week.

Sprint 11

  • Removed leaves and roots
  • Fixed bug with decal applying to character
  • Added more and better long grass

The track is really shaping up now and looks much "dirtier" and better.

Sprint 13

  • I added additional decals that look like tyre tracks in the level.
  • Removed and replaced some rocks that didn't look as good as the others.

Again, these really help dirty the track.

Sprint 14

  • Made a visualization for the  crash analytics
  • Took many screenshots for Mahara and Presentation

Week 10 - 4 Apr


This week consisted mainly of working with mark and trying to integrate his new trees and models before our alpha presentation. 

I also made a few adjustments to the textures with Shane later in the week and we removed the black and white LUT too.

We replaced the old bike model with the newer one with the arms on it.


We added a new backlog to scrum which will be the base of our beta release, we haven't made the release yet as we want to wait and see how our presentation goes first.


Only issue is that I think the models are lacking in quality and quantity.


As far as I can tell the presentation went very well, we didn't receive and negative comments as far as I can remember and everyone performed very well.

Ronan has documented all the feedback from the Q&A and we will use that to structure our beta release next week.

Week 9 - 23rd March


This week my main tasks consist of getting models and textures from Mark, checking to make sure everything works and placing them in the level. Basically every model and texture received had some issue with it and because I was dependent on Mark being finished before me. This led to some issues which I discuss below.

Nearly every model and texture I received from mark had at least one issue with it and led to a lot of back and forth between us trying to fix each individual pieces. It would be better if Mark was able to check his models in Unreal Engine before sending them on to me.


The sprint this week didn't go very well, I was dependent on Mark to finish his tasks before I could even start. Mark was not finished on time and I got seriously delayed, then some of the models and textures didn't work and that led to tasks not being completed at all. 


The main issue this week was waiting on Mark to finish before I could start, that means both of our sprint time should have been cut in half leaving us with not enough time to get everything finished. In reality though I was left with one evening to do everything, which didn't work out because the assets sent to me didn't work. I hope by the end of next week the models and textures will be completed and I can then include them in the game.

This issue should not have happened, we should have never had one member of the team reliant on another work earlier that week. In future I will try my best to avoid this scheduling error.


Week 8 - 16th March


This week I Built up the area of the track where the player starts. I added some extra railings, dirt and rocks to make it look more real. 

I had to go to surgery this week so I knew I wouldn't get too much done, that's why I only took on a small amount of work. 

I am happy with how the starting area has turned out. I think It would be nice to fully block in the area or show how the player has gotten to the top of the mountain, but that's not essential for now, once the track is completely finished I will worry about the surroundings a bit more, maybe more towards beta.



Nothing to report here, The scrum train is running smoothly.


After surgery this week I might be incapable of completing everything I set out to do for alpha, It may be ok though. 

Week 7 - 9th March


This week I focused on fixing some areas of the track, I fixed the length of the large jump and changed the ramps to be made from rocks. I removed the second rock garden and rebuilt it a short distance further in the track. After getting the go ahead from the rest of the team I implemented the lighting plan, building up from the prototype from last week. 

I had to adjust the levels of fog and the intensity of lights in the level. I also added light beams that were available in the unreal engine blueprints demo, they really add a lot to bring the level to life. I think once we have a few hero objects and the correct trees in place the level should be ready for alpha.




No issues to report.