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Team CyberDyne

As a part of the mentoring with the 3rd year students, I was paired with Team CyberDyne. This team consisted of Tara Mc Givern, Andrew Disley, Hannah Maher, and Michael Donohoe. As discussed in my journal the game the team were making is called Kremlin Gremlin, and consist of stealth gameplay elements as the player must progress through the level.

As a group we stuck mostly to a weekly meeting in person where we could catch up on progress and any new issues. I'd scale my effort towards the mentoring process as a medium. Most of the work simply involved keeping communication channels open with the team every week.

I enjoyed the process of mentoring with the team as I got to work with some new ideas in an area I like working in, game mechanics.


After discussing some initial problems, ideas and possible features in the game, I helped to come up with some possible additions. This was mostly in the form of acting as an experienced stakeholder that is able to estimate the scope of a feature.

The main feature we talked about was using cones in front of the enemies in the game as a way from them to detect the player. A video tutorial seemed like the best option for running through the materials needed for this and seemed to get a good reception among the team.

The tutorial can be found below.

Vectors and Enemy Detection

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Week 9

I caught up again with the group after our Easter break. We hadn't talked over the game in a while so it was good to get an update and see how everything was progressing since I had last seen it.

The main issue that was brought up that the group was working on at the moment is to do with unwrapping the models so that they can be textured properly and added into the XNA project. I remembered having dealt with the problem in our project in the past and how awkward it is but I didn't have much advice to give on this front as I just asked that they keep me updated on how they are getting on tackling the problem and I can get a hold of someone better suited to help if need be.

We also discussed testing of both their game and our 4th year project so we arranged for a user testing session where both groups can play each others games and see what feedback we can generate.

Week 7 - Proof of Concept

Another fairly quiet week for mentoring. We kept in touch during the week to talk about how things were going, but as this week was the groups deliverable for Proof of Concept I left them to it instead of meeting up at our usual time before their class on a Tuesday. There wasn't any new pressing issue that needed to be dealt with before PoC so I think we were both fairly content with that.

Seemed to go fine for them from what I heard which was great. Some of the priorities seemed to shifted around fairly late in the release for them in terms of what was required but they handled it fine.

Fairly impressed at the stage they've gotten to so far. When I was completing the Proof of Concept in 3rd year we didn't have much in terms of a level or anything yet and had just focused on getting the game mechanics to work which is a bit of a contrast in comparison. I like their approach though as it gives a better sense of the game world early on in the process.

Week 6

This week was fairly uneventful as I didn't get a proper chance to catch up with my team in person because I was travelling to London for an interview.

Instead I just made a point of messaging the team during the week to check if there were any new blockers and how they were getting on preparing for their next deliverable. They seemed to be getting on fine once again and there wasn't any pressing issues we were cool with pushing off our meeting to the following week.

The team has the Proof of Concept coming up next week so we should get a chance to have a small review before then and get some more feedback going.