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Beta Week 2, 3, 4

As a bit of a recap of the final weeks of the beta project as I slacked off with keeping up my weekly entries:

Week 2:

At this stage we had completed our draft of the user testing document. We were able to get some feedback on how we did which was pretty positive. I made some final tweaks to our process and my google forms sheet based on the feedback and got started with completing user testing sessions with our participants.

Was able to complete around 5-6~ in this week which was a great start. I felt like the sessions were a bit easier as I did more of them too which helped. Our sound implementation project was also due this week which was were a lot of time was spent.

Week 3:

The main focus here was to complete all of the user testing sessions so we could start working with the results. I ended up completing sessions with 13 people in total which were located both in the EU and US. Most of the US ones were harder to complete due to things like the time difference and getting time that worked for everyone.

Once I had all of the sessions completed I had all the data entered into google forms. Was then able to use the export feature to get all of the results into a single excel sheet that was easier to work with. Michael and I had the job of going through the results and forming an issues list of all of the most common and important talking points from the testing. We got a start on this towards the end of this week.

Week 4:

This was out main final week of the beta release. There was a decent amount of stuff left to do for this, and we also had our Multiplayer Games Programming CA due in the middle of this sprint so everything was squashed to the end a bit.

The analytics pieces for the game were finished so one of my jobs was to get a couple of people to play the game and generate some data for us to use for this too. I got 2 of my friends to play the game for a while and were able to look at stuff like where they were crashing and what sort of track times they were recording over time.

After Michael and I had finished making our list of issues generated from the user testing I made a User Testing Results document where we could compile all of the results together for both the user testing and the analytics data. I was mostly looking through the different quantitative data and making graphs and visualisations for different areas.

The last few pieces were stuff like Mahara which we needed to add a new Beta Release section. Shane did a lot of work to set it up and I was able to help out with filling in some of the content such as for the User Testing and Analytics sections, which were fairly easy to talk about having completed the User Testing Results document.

Beta Week 1

In the aftermath of the Alpha we lowered our contributions to the project quite a bit to focus on some other modules for the time being in the mean time. The big one here was our group project for Entrepreneurship where we needed to compile a business plan for the game and do a bunch of stuff like financials and market research. We also started to look towards the beta release as the next step in the process and what we would need for this. Some of the feedback that we received was that we should focus on getting our game into the hands of our users and shape our next moves based on our feedback.

In this spirit some of the stuff I got up to included:

  • Starting to outline the process for our user testing, and how exactly that would work. Shane and Michael also got involved in this as we started to produce a first draft of our user testing document and I trialed our process our on a few users to see how it would work in practice.
  • After we had outlined that the groups of people we would be focusing on, being gamers, bikers, and the intersection, I started to reach out to people and begin to organize our play-test sessions. The main way I reached out to mountain bikers for these sessions was through people involved with our market research from the week before where people had shown interest in the game as well as having the right background.

Apart from these we mostly spent time blocking out the rest of our time for the semester to figure out how much time we could commit to the project. We could then build up the release and get a sense of what we could actually get finished. It's a fairly low commitment of time for this release, but we have committed to getting all of our user testing and analytics included which should give us the best return for our time spent.

Easter Week 1 - Alpha Sprint 4

As planned we had a fairly low workload week for our group project. At the moment we are mostly dotting the I's and crossing the T's for the Alpha release and starting to look forward to Beta. Overall we've been going through the process again of picking out possible features and trying to prioritize them. A big focus at the moment is getting good user testing completed and implementing changes based on that. This will probably be a bigger focus for Michael and I than most as a lot of the feedback elements will likely be around the bike and how it behaves etc.
The small amount of stuff I got up to this week included:

  • Did some additional work on the leaderboard back-end. This includes some more complicated checks for when we are pushing scores to the leaderboard, but this is mostly a concern for Beta and not so much the Alpha.
  • Went over the customization menu again and picked out some starting point values for the customization settings. These were things like braking force that can be applied on the bike. We anticipate these will one of the areas we can easily adjust on user feedback.
  • We also worked on the content for some of the slides for our presentation and started to think about how that will work. Again I was working with Michael on this as we were mostly working on things together.

This week has been even more stuffed with deliverable s for different CA's so having a low workload has worked out well. The release has been pretty much completed and we'll just be working on assembling everything together for the release submission in the ~half week or so left until the due date.