Final Journal Entry in Journal

4th Year Journal /
Final Journal Entry

This is just a quick update to inform what tasks I have completed in the sprints since my last individual ca submission.

Sprint 10

  • Add shrubs
  • Add tree roots and branches
  • Add leaves and rubble 
  • Add tree stumps and large branches
  • Fixed tree LOD bug
  • Added decals for moss on stones

John wasn't very happy with the tree roots and leaves so that was changed for the next week.

Sprint 11

  • Removed leaves and roots
  • Fixed bug with decal applying to character
  • Added more and better long grass

The track is really shaping up now and looks much "dirtier" and better.

Sprint 13

  • I added additional decals that look like tyre tracks in the level.
  • Removed and replaced some rocks that didn't look as good as the others.

Again, these really help dirty the track.

Sprint 14

  • Made a visualization for the  crash analytics
  • Took many screenshots for Mahara and Presentation