Week 14 - End: Beta in GD4 TP2 Individual Technical Journal

GD4 TP2 Individual Technical Journal /
Week 14 - End: Beta


  • Scrum release completed
  • Minor fixes based on user testing
  • Analytics and user testing assistance



So we overestimated our ability to manage our time slightly this sprint. A lot of this comes down to overestimating how much we would get done in the early part of the release, where we aimed to have most of the work done. Exams obviously took precedence for a large chunk of the release time, so we worked around these how we could. Unfortunately we had came to a point where we knew not all of the work would be done, and a lot of this was due to Mark being out of commission with his illness, so we took off what we knew wouldn't be done from the release, and continued to work. We were a day late on finishing our final sprint, which I take full responsibility for. This was purely down to laziness on my part, I've been relaxing a little too much this past week to try and recuperate for the presentation. I think overall though, given the circumstances, this release could have went much worse. I think it is bad we aimed too high, but it's still better than aiming too low and playing it safe in my opinion. We still reached our revised goal and I'm impressed considering the time constraints we had. On a more generally conclusive note, I've really enjoyed my role as scrum master, due largely to the fact that I have had one of the easiest teams in the world to manage. 

I did some minor fixes to the game that came up in the user testing issues. These were mostly controls related issues. These were making the reverse stronger, doubling up key bindings, and adding a quick restart button. See sprint 11 for more details and see our testing results document in the issues section for even more details on these. 

I set up the analytics trigger points in the game, effectively implementing the analytics system Shane had added to gather some sample data to demonstrate for beta. This was in sprint 12. In sprint 14 (the last one), myself and Brian visualised some of the data gathered from these trigger points to show them in action. Things like crash points and lines taken around corners for example. 

In Sprint 13, myself and Ronan worked on the user testing results by analysing the issues raised by users into the official issues format found in the document. This formalised all the data and issues raised by users into the official issues format found at the end of the results document. Were development to move forward, these issues would be turned into tasks on scrum to be addressed. 


Time mostly. We overestimated how much we had and how much we would get done, so the sprints and overall release didn't go as smoothly as we would like, but again, given the circumstances, I think we did fairly well. This was our rockiest release yet we still delivered on the vast majority of what we said we would, and the things that did not get completed were non-essential things that would be done in the future if work were to continue. 


As a final conclusion, I'd just like to say it's been a pleasure. I've enjoyed this semester immensely, I've learned a lot, I feel as though I have grown as a person, and I have most definitely made some friends for life through our shared anguish. My team has been exceptional, their productivity has been infectious, and I am certain I will miss working with them.