Week 13: Beta Release in GD4 TP2 Individual Technical Journal

GD4 TP2 Individual Technical Journal /
Week 13: Beta Release


  • Release set up
  • Minor fixes 


We set up the release on scrum this week. This release was a fairly easy one to plan. We sat down and discussed what we absolutely had to do for beta, along with considering what else we could do feasibly. User testing was priority number 1 from the get go. Last week we tried to do all of the user testing before the release so we could make changes based on it, but essentially it became the sprint where we get a handle on user testing. We did the document and pilot testing last week, so for the release we now have a good system for how to do the user testing properly. After planning out exactly what tasks the user testing was made up of, we looked at each individual area of the game to see what else had to be done. So for example more work on dirtying up the track, as well as texturing the bike and hands. We planned the release to be done a day before the official upload, which is on the 19/5. We're fairly confident it will be done well before that, but we always try to plan for the worst case scenario, so we did this just in case we don't get the work all done well before then. 

The tasks I took on this week were based on some of the feedback from the pilot testing which was done with the gamers. So it was suggested to add face button key bindings for the controls because some people prefer them to the trigger buttons. Other feedback was that the reverse isn't strong enough, so I upped the force on this. Finally, it was found that the users were restarting the level often, so I added a button dedicated to this instead of having to pause the game and then select the option. These tasks took less time than I estimated them to. I estimated them to take an hour each but it was less than an hour for all 3. I did this on the off chance of there being bugs encountered, but I've learned for next time that small tasks like these are generally safe to estimate more harshly.


No major issues. Set up the release without any hassle.