Week 11: Alpha Results in GD4 TP2 Individual Technical Journal

GD4 TP2 Individual Technical Journal /
Week 11: Alpha Results


  • Alpha presentation results
  • Planning



This week the team was very busy with other areas of the course. We decided it would be best for us all not to do a sprint, since we were simply too busy with other more urgent matters. 

We got our results back for the Alpha presentation. I think we're all really happy with how we did, and are proud to have done so well. Some of the feedback we got was to improve the sound and visuals some more, but mainly to focus on user testing. This is something we will have to do completely next week if we're to have a release. 

Although we were not on a sprint, we got to doing some initial work on the user testing document. We also planned out the backlog for release some more, though we were told not to try and do much more to the game which I think is good advice, since we have so many other assignments to work on. 



No issues this week bar the fact that we were too busy with other modules to really do much for the team project.