Week 10 - 4 Apr in Journal

4th Year Journal /
Week 10 - 4 Apr


This week consisted mainly of working with mark and trying to integrate his new trees and models before our alpha presentation. 

I also made a few adjustments to the textures with Shane later in the week and we removed the black and white LUT too.

We replaced the old bike model with the newer one with the arms on it.


We added a new backlog to scrum which will be the base of our beta release, we haven't made the release yet as we want to wait and see how our presentation goes first.


Only issue is that I think the models are lacking in quality and quantity.


As far as I can tell the presentation went very well, we didn't receive and negative comments as far as I can remember and everyone performed very well.

Ronan has documented all the feedback from the Q&A and we will use that to structure our beta release next week.