Week 10: Alpha Delivery in GD4 TP2 Individual Technical Journal

GD4 TP2 Individual Technical Journal /
Week 10: Alpha Delivery


  • Upload
  • Presentation
  • Last minute fix
  • Backlog filling out commencing


We had the sprint officially finished last week, but there were some things that were still worked on afterwards, which is perhaps bad scrumming but they were such minor and obvious changes that I didn't feel like a sprint was necessary. Most of the work this week was either preparing the material for upload or preparing for the presentation. 

I'd done the presentation material last week, so preparing was simply a matter of looking at the slides and going through them. 

On the upload day I helped with gathering some of the necessary upload material. 

There was a bug with the printing of the split times that we only noticed before the presentation that I helped fix. 


Finally we started filling out the backlog this week. The one thing I'm not sure of is how we are supposed to deal with user testing based tasks. I've contacted Gerry about this and it is something we are still in the process of ironing out. Further more, we are very busy this week and have decided to not do a sprint. Hopefully by next week the user testing scrum stuff will be sorted, and between now and then we can set up the rest of the backlog and start our Beta release. 



So firstly, we got very good feedback. One of the biggest criticisms we got was on the bike bell sound slightly breaking immersion when you get the next split time, which says a lot about how well we did. I was surprised to hear we were the only team to switch to hours for estimations, because we think it makes way more sense. The key points to take away from the feedback was to get working on user testing and feedback. I'm glad we did well again, because we worked hard this release. 


No real issues this week other than the bug fix which we sorted.