Week 9 - 23rd March in Journal

4th Year Journal /
Week 9 - 23rd March


This week my main tasks consist of getting models and textures from Mark, checking to make sure everything works and placing them in the level. Basically every model and texture received had some issue with it and because I was dependent on Mark being finished before me. This led to some issues which I discuss below.

Nearly every model and texture I received from mark had at least one issue with it and led to a lot of back and forth between us trying to fix each individual pieces. It would be better if Mark was able to check his models in Unreal Engine before sending them on to me.


The sprint this week didn't go very well, I was dependent on Mark to finish his tasks before I could even start. Mark was not finished on time and I got seriously delayed, then some of the models and textures didn't work and that led to tasks not being completed at all. 


The main issue this week was waiting on Mark to finish before I could start, that means both of our sprint time should have been cut in half leaving us with not enough time to get everything finished. In reality though I was left with one evening to do everything, which didn't work out because the assets sent to me didn't work. I hope by the end of next week the models and textures will be completed and I can then include them in the game.

This issue should not have happened, we should have never had one member of the team reliant on another work earlier that week. In future I will try my best to avoid this scheduling error.