Week 8 - 16th March in Journal

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Week 8 - 16th March


This week I Built up the area of the track where the player starts. I added some extra railings, dirt and rocks to make it look more real. 

I had to go to surgery this week so I knew I wouldn't get too much done, that's why I only took on a small amount of work. 

I am happy with how the starting area has turned out. I think It would be nice to fully block in the area or show how the player has gotten to the top of the mountain, but that's not essential for now, once the track is completely finished I will worry about the surroundings a bit more, maybe more towards beta.



Nothing to report here, The scrum train is running smoothly.


After surgery this week I might be incapable of completing everything I set out to do for alpha, It may be ok though.